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Welcome to my page. It's been about a year since I did any updating of the site, so I figured I would take some time to add some stuff. 4-15-15

If you are interested in finding out who I am, look here. You will find some information about who I am and what I like. Take a look.

Online comics:

I've been into comics for years, and have found some really good ones over that time. Now, the big thing is online comics. There are some I'm really enjoying and felt I should put up on the page:
  • PVP is an online comic by Scott Kurtz that follows the lives of employees at a gaming magazine. The characters are interesting and funny and Scott has a great time showing the lighter side of gaming. Check his stuff out, you won't be disappointed.
  • The Order of the Stick is an increadibly funny look at adventurers from the standpoint of the characters they play. It has some very quotable lines that many gamers will understand, appreciate, and (probably) recognize from their own games. ("Did you remember to add the +2 to hit from the bard song?") Anyone who has played an RPG, watched and RPG being played, or considered playing in an RPG MUST visit this site. Period.
  • Darth’s and Droids is a very funny web comic that is doing for “Star Wars” what The DM of the Rings did for “Lord of the Rings”. It follows a role playing group trying to puzzle out the story their GM is feeding them. You will NEVER watch those movies the same way again.

Miniature Golfing Review:

    Something I enjoy a great deal is miniature golf. Recently, I tried the real thing. That convinced me to stick with mini-golf. Anyhow, I thought someone should let people know what is out there so I put together the attachedMinuature Golf Review Page. It seems to be the most popular section of my site.

Role Playing Games:

One of my major hobbies is RPG's (Role Playing Games). Many times these games have come under unwarranted attack. In looking for information, I have found several very good sites that shoot down many of the arguments of the attackers. Here are some links to those sites:
  •  Dungeons and Dragons (TM) and Other Fantasy Role Playing Games has a very concise (five pages) summary of the arguments and their counter arguments. I used this link to follow to other links, some of which are listed below.
  •   The Pulling Report is an expansive report on Pat Pulling and her organization (aprox. 41 pages). If you follow the link back at the bottom of the report, there is a wealth of information at this main site.
I feel it is important to mention that, while these sites tend to slant toward Christian groups as the major attackers, not all Christians are against role playing games, and not all attackers are Christian. The one common feature of all people who jump on the bandwagon is the need to control other peoples thoughts. A rather scary concept. Write me and let me know what you think about these sites and this issue.
  • Battleknight is a web based game that has you take on the role of a knight doing deads and gaining treasure and fame. It's a fun little diversion. Everything you do takes time, but you don't have to sit there. Have your knight go on missions taking 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Come back at the end of that time and see what he got. Set him to labor for up to 8 hours (12 if you activate a premium account for 30 days) and come back to collect your pay. Give it a look.

And a few other links of interest...

  • Clarks EnglandThe homepage of The Clarks Companies, N.A., The Company I worked for until 11/1/2013.
  • The homepage of Boston Biomedica, the company I used to work for. For the most part, BBI has been bought out by a company called Seracare, and the remaining company is called Pressure Biosciences. (PBIO on NASDAQ)
  • One place I have found that allows me to remove spam from my email before it hits my download is which logs into your account and downloads your emails before you receive them. It does a pretty good job, and it's just $120 for a year. Give them a try, if you're sick of spam.
  • For those individuals who have some bizarre notion that I might be interested in their chain letters or get rich quick schemes, take a look at the following link. I hope this finally will dissuade you.
  • Attack of the Show is rapidly becoming my favorite show. They do the broadcasts live and have a unique twist on the talk show. Check them out on G4TV.
  • GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! is Yahoo's way of giving back to the community. Please put in "Temple Beth Emunah" and search as you normally would with Yahoo. Every search result you click on gives $0.01 to the charity. But please use it honestly, as you would any search engine.
  • My last link is important enough to warrant a seperate heading:

Naturally, I'll be putting in more links as I think of them.

Recent and upcoming Events NEW

  • April/May 2015 - Working on trying to get an online business started. Need help with funding myself while things get working so I started a Gofundme page. Please help if you can.

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