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Purpose and Description of Site:

   One of my favorite pastimes is playing miniature golf. I have decided to review the various places I have made the attempt to play at and set them up here. If you have a comment, please send it to me and I will add it. I will rate all of the locations on four options using a scale of one to ten. The facilities will be rated on:  Challenge, Variety, Fun and Overall Value. There will also be a brief description of the facility and the amenities offered as well as prices as remembered from past experience. Some prices may have changed since I was there.

  1. Challenge is a ranking of how difficult the course is to play. There may also be a factor for how much skill it takes vs how much luck is involved in playing the course. Try to view it as if you don't play often when using this rating.
  2. Variety is a ranking of how many other things are available to do at the facility. Does it have any extras like batting cages or go-carts. I generally will keep courses that have a good variety of holes but nothing else around a 5-6 range. The more amenities, the higher the score.
  3. Fun may be my most subjective item. Is the golf course too difficult to have a good time, or to easy. Is there a good balance between difficulty and challenge. How much do you enjoy this course vs. some others? Would you take a date there?
  4. Overall Value is based on the price to play vs the fun had. It should reflect some composite of the other factors.

    Feel free to try them out and tell me if you agree or disagree with my ratings. I am, by no means, an expert. I just know what I like.

    Also, a note for the owners of the locations: If you find I have made an error in reporting your location or prices, drop me an email and I will correct it at my first opportunity. My opinions are my own regarding value for dollar, but I don't want to provide incorrect factual information.

    Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all prices are for one round adult admission. Children's pricing and specials may vary.

    I wanted to apologize, publicly, for not having updated the site for a while. I've been very busy and, frankly, the web site was not at the top of my priorities. Please check to make sure I have updated everything you sent.

    There is one other thing. I have noticed that a lot of miniature golf owners lately have been sending me reviews of their own places, basically for free advertising. I have no problem with this, per se, but I would like to ask that any owners who do so also be sure to post at their facilities that they are shown on the Miniature Golf Review Page and encourage your customers to send me an objective review. (I know many of you try to be objective, but it is extremely difficult to be critical of your own work. Trust me, I know.) It seems like a fair deal for those looking to get themselves noticed.






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Miniature Golf related Links:


I had added a news section to my site, however, time has become a factor in my ability to maintain the information there. I have not had nearly as much time as I would like to dedicate to this site. Therefore, I have removed the news section. Please check out any of the other websites I list for reviews to locate news stories and events. They are all quite good at providing this information.

I was added to a list of sites on a links page and felt I should at least give them a plug here. Places to offers a wide variety of golf related information. Give them a look and let them know I sent ya.

There is also an official site for miniature golf enthusiasts at which has a lot of data. Let them know I sent you over.

There is
another review page out there that is primarily focused on the West Coast. Check them out if you are planning to be out that way. The site is known as Castle and Windmill and they seem to have a pretty good rating system. Plus they cover a wide area that I will probably never get to, unless a lot of you send me stuff from that coast to add. ;)

There is a review page out there for Europe as well. is a site dedicated to miniature golfing in Europe. Give them a visit if you are heading across the pond.

Pat Sheridan contacted me some time ago asking that I put a link up to his mini-golf review site. To my shame, it has taken me a month to do so. Sorry Pat. Check it out, New England area is well covered by

Pat also let me know about another place that is doing reviews. Check them out as well.

Finally, check out the

Several people in the past few years have asked me, "How do I go about building a miniature golf site?" I've never really known how to answer them. I have now been contacted by a company in Sweden that does just that. They seem to have a very good website (which is in three languages). I am linking to the English version. The company is City Golf AB and is located in ÖrnsköldsvikSweden. Drop by and tell them you saw them here. How cool is this, I am recognized internationally. ;-)

There is another company which builds miniature golf sites located in the USA. is a company that has their fingers in many sports related pies. Give them a shout if you need advice.

Well, the construction sites keep coming. I was contacted by the folks at Atlantic Minature Golf and they also provide help constructing miniature golf facilities. They are willing to help out those who are interested in getting their questions answered. A big thank you to Christopher Cawley for letting me know about them. Let them know where you saw them.

One more place sent me their link, but basicly hit me with an advertisement trying to get be to buy from them instead of asking me to put them up. I'll put up the link, but cannot vouch for their information.

That's all for now. I'll try to add more if I find any others. Write me and I'll add yours.

One request, when submitting a site, please try to follow the format of my other reviews. If I don't have a description or a location I will not put up the review. If you wish to allow people to contact you, let me know and I will add your email address to the review. I will always try to give credit where credit is due. If you have any other request for me regarding a submission, add them at the end of your description in a separate paragraph and I will do my best to accommodate. I would ask that anyone submitting a review, please include an email address so I can contact you with any questions. I do not keep any sort of mailing lists (I HATE spammers) and will never distribute your names for any reason to mass marketers. I will only post email contacts for people who are willing.

I Just wanted to make folks aware that due to the massive amount of spam I am receiving and the small number of legitamite submissions, I am seriously considering dropping the submission section for the site. I just hate to let the spammers win like that, but I'm getting 5-10 "reviews" a day that are just ads for online gambling sites or sex sites. It's ridiculous. The only person who ever sees them is someone who just deletes them. If anyone knows of a way to set the form up to verify the email address entered, I would appreciate it. I just don't have the time to deal with it.

Please do not use the feedback form to contact me for other reasons. The email link at the bottom should work for everyone. If that is not the case then, by all means, use the feedback form to get my attention. I usually write back within a few days. ;)

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