Date: August 6, 1982

Place: Ana-Lin Motel, 2123 W. Lincoln Av,  Anaheim, CA 92801
Mileage: 83709.4 - 284.4 miles

Breakfast: $7.24 - Whiskey Pete's Nevada State Line (V.G.)
Lunch: $12.96 - Big Boy (Anaheim)
Snack: $2.00 - Ice Cream (Baskin Robbins)
Dinner: $18.68 - The Provider (Anaheim)


Total Spending: $124.16.09

Friday - August 6, 1982 - 10:00 am

8:45 am P.D.T. - On the road to L. A.

9:26 am P.D.T. - Stopped at Whiskey Pete's for breakfast. Almost in Calif. Larry just couldn't resist. He put a nickle in a slot machine...lost.

10:00 am P.D.T. - Entered California. We made it...coast to coast!

1:40 pm P.D.T. - Checked in at the Ana-Lin Motel. It is very comfortable. And joy of has a tub! Larry took Milton for a hair cut and Matt and I went in the pool. When they came back they went swimming too.

I took our clothes for the Bar Mitzvah out of the suitcase and they were very wrinkled. We had a terrible (well maybe only moderately bad) dinner.

7:00 pm P.D.T. - Called Butch, they were on the way to Temple. The phones aren't working in the rooms. Tomorrow is the Bar Mitzvah and Larry wants to go to the Wax Museum in the morning.

I hope the wrinkles come out of the clothes.

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