Date: August 7, 1982

Place: Ana-Lin Motel, 2123 W. Lincoln Av, Anaheim, CA 92801
Mileage: 83784.6 - 75.2 miles

Breakfast: $10.58 - Big Boy
Snack: $2.33 - Shakes

24.30 - Wax Museum
1.10 - movie machine
12.00 - Cleaners
2.25 - feet care products
0.43 - Bar Mitzvah Card

Total Spending: $93.27

Saturday - August 7, 1982 - 10:00 am

10:00 am P.D.T. - Went to the Wax Museum. Some of the figures were really good but others were terrible. It was rather expensive to see.

4:00 pm P.T.D. - Ian's Bar Mitzvah. Arrived on time. Thought we would be late but Ilene got there after us. The air conditioner was broken. Rabbi Jacobs was new to the congregation and this appeared to be his first service there. Things were a little unorganized but it all worked out. Ian wore a white tux and looked adorable. Milton towers over him now. There was a time when Ian was taller. Randi is a stunner. She gets more beautiful as she gets older. Tara is a blond beauty too. I don't think I would have recognized any of them. Butch looked more relaxed than I have seen him in ages and Ilene lost weight and looked lovely in a maroon evening gown.

7:00 pm P.T.D. - Arrived at Disneyland Hotel. The parking was horrendous. It even threw Larry. Eventually, we arrived at the Magnoli Room. There must be a conspiracy against Easterners being cool in California. The air conditioner was not working here either. Butch said his house conditioner is on the fritz too. We are going there tomorrow but will probably spend the day in the pool. All in all, the reception was lovely. The band was excellent and the food was good. Poor Butch and Ilene hardly had a chance to eat. The photographer kept asking them to take pictures.

I almost forgot. Once upon a time, someone told me to get wrinkles out of clothes when traveling, hang them in the bathroom. The dampness would remove the wrinkles. So I did it. Well as I was getting out of the tub, Larry's suit pants fell into the water. Since I didn't mention before that we went to the Bar Mitzvah in shorts I assume you realize we worked out the problem. We found a cleaner who pressed all the clothes in a few hours and we all arrived wrinkle free.

Milton danced with me! I feel I need to explain something here. _I_ don't dance. I have never been comfortable dancing. So, when I do dance, it's a special occation. He is a good dancer when he doesn't get silly. Mom is too kind. :)

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