Date: August 4, 1982

Place: Motel 6, Las Vegas, NV
Mileage: 83345.0 - 128.7 miles

Breakfast: $4.95 - Burger King (F)
Lunch: $14.26 - Western Village Mesquite
Snack: $0.45
Dinner: $14.76 - Circus Circus (E)


Total Spending: $78.16

Wednesday - August 4, 1982 - 7:00 am

7:00 am M.D.T. - Milton got up early today and disappeared for a couple of hours. When he came back he told a tale of rescuing three kittens from a dumpster. Hey, it looked like it was trash day. I couldn't just leave them in there. Feisty. I had the scratches to prove it. Today is going to be an easy day. (Where have I heard that before?) We told the kids they could go swimming and that's what they did. First they went to Burger King for breakfast. (I knew we'd hit at least one Burger King before this trip ended.) They brought back an egg muffin for me. Larry wasn't hungry. I lost my appetite after eating that too.

11:38 am M.D.T. - Left motel. On to Vegas.

11:53 am M.D.T. - Entered Arizona.

12:20 pm M.D.T. or 11:20 am P.D.T. - Entered Nevada. Stopped for Lunch at Western Village in Mesquite. The food was good but they had so many flies it was annoying. Plus they were expanding the place. Entering in you must go thru the casino. It reminded me of the Wednesday night study group at Temple Beth Emunah. All those people anxious to throw their money away. I should make a brief explanation here. The Wednesday night study group is what the Bingo players are affectionately refered to by some members at T.B.E.. It isn't a religous group. Well, not really a religous group. :)

2:00 pm P.D.T. - Arrived at motel. Came down the strip and saw all the hotels. Gaudeeee. Went for a swim and then (at 6 pm) had the dinner buffet at Circus Circus. And believe me, it was a circus. We saw a few of the acts and the kids played at the arcade. One of the few areas in Vegas the kids could go. I don't know if I would have liked Vegas better if the kids were not with us or if we had time to see some shows, but my first impression was one of distaste. I guess it goes against my grain to watch people throw their money away. And the razzle dazzle of the lights on the strip at night was beyond good taste. Vegas is definitely an adult town.

Sorry folks, no pictures from the Strip. If you want to see what Circus Circus was like, see the movie "Diamonds are Forever". It was a pretty good representation. Besides, everyone has seen pictures of Vegas. It's not really worth the film. But you were getting tired of all the long downloads of pictures anyway, right? Here is a nice breakpoint to catch your breath.



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