Wisconsin Courses

Blue Dog Golf and Recreation

Submitted by: Anne Marguerite Olzerowicz

Price:            6.50
Challenge:        10
Variety:          4
Fun:              3
Overall Value:    4

    Very difficult for a miniature golf course.  Too many sand and water traps.  Very frustrating.

Loacation: West Bend, Wisconsin

Congo River Mini Golf

Submitted by: Paul Campen
Company Web Page: www.congorivergolf.com

Price:            4.50 - 7.00
Challenge:        7
Variety:          8
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    9

    Beautiful landscape, friendly staff, excellent atmosphere..

Loacation: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Red Putter Minigolf

Submitted by: Astra Miglane-Stanwyck
Course Web Site: http://www.minigolftraining.com/

Price:            4.00
Challenge:        9
Variety:          9
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

    Course is very family oriented. Besides minigolf here is area for other family members to sit down for giant chess games. Courses contains old churches, lighthouses, animals etc. as obstacles. Course is par 41. Many difficult breaks to read but little ones and adults enjoy it alike. It is also home for Annual Red Putter Pro tournament. More information on my website. When you go to Door country- something you must visit.

Location: 10404 Hwy. 42 Ephraim, WI

Team USA Minigolf Training Center

Submitted by: Astra Miglane-Stanwyck
Course Web Site: http://www.minigolftraining.com/

Price:            0.00
Challenge:        8
Variety:          10
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

            The course is one of the International competition style courses called eternite, played with special putter and special minigolf balls which each differ by size, bounce, outer texture, hardness, temperature resistance. The holes are smooth runs with strategically placed obstacles which has to be passed in a very certain way. The playing lines and ball choice can change depending on weather which makes the game even more challenging. Course is designed that each hole is par one but only best players in the world can do it. Average first time player even after the lines has been shown and proper balls provided plays 58 points a round. Players who played big golf on regular bases first time score between 37 44 points. Players who wish to become members of USA Minigolf Team can practice here at no charge and eventually compete to qualify for Team USA. Course also invites diferent fundraisers. USA has only three eternite courses.

Location: On the teritory of Cost of Wisconsin Incorporated, 4201 Hwy. P, Jackson, WI. Course is open by appointment only. Contact information is available on the website.

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