Ohio Courses

Adventure Zone Golf

Submitted by: Don P. Woodward

Price:            4.50 Adult/2.50 Child
Challenge:        7
Variety:          6
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    7

            Its my course, so it's tough being objective.  Mutli level "adventure style"course with waterfalls, meandering creek, cave, and a mix of challenging and family friendly holes.

Location: Intersection of State Routes 531 and Route 534 in the Ohio lake Erie Resort town of Geneva-on-the-Lake.   50 miles East of CLeveland, 50 miles West of Erie, Pa  6 miles North of I-90.

    Editors note: This review was sent in by the owner. I take his rankings with a grain of salt, but he at least tried to be objective. If anyone has been to this course, I would appreciate an objective review.

Allison's Mini Golf

Submitted by: William J. Allison

Addendum Submitted by: Debbie Laveck

Price:            2.50
Challenge:        10
Variety:          10
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

            The course was opened in 1924 and has been in operation ever since. The Allison family has owned and cared for the course since 1981. Course design is carpet over concrete with wood rails, slightly different than the sand base used in the 20'\''s and 30'\''s. Located in the center of Geneva on the Lake, Ohio, the oldest resort town in Ohio. Food and cold drinks are sold at the course with a variety of attractions located in walking distance.  The ratings may seem high, but play once and you will agree. (we are slow returning e-mail in the summer months)

Location: Geneva on the Lake, Ohio about 60 miles east of Cleveland, Oh., about 60 miles west of Erie, Pa., or 2 hours north of Pittsburgh, Pa. Access of I90 at SR 534.


It is under some great old trees, affording wonderful shade on a hot summer day. Because it is a very short walk to Lake Erie, there is always a light breeze. The staff is friendly and helpful. It is a course even the littlest of golfers can play, though definitely with "kid" rules!

I have taken my grandson since he was two. But, this is no "baby" course. Some of the holes can be quite challenging. My family and I play there at least once a summer.


    Editors note: The original review was sent in by a member of the family that owns it. I take their rankings with a grain of salt. If anyone has been to this course, I would appreciate an objective review. Many thanks to Debbie for sending me something with an objective viewpoint.

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