Nevada Courses

Magic Carpet

Submitted by: Scott A. Woolery
Personal Web Site:

Course Number:    1        2        3
Price:            5.50     5.50     8.00
Challenge:        8        6        6
Variety:          7        8        7
Fun:              7        8        8
Overall Value:    8        8        8

The property has an amazing Chicago Pizza-Deli, arcade,  and you can buy beer and take it on the course.  Has 3 courses, 2 19 and a 28.

Course 1:
Newer course with tough anthills and slopes.

Course 2:
This is a fun course for everyone.  Not too difficult but has a few challenging holes.  A full 18 holes plus the slot machine ball drop for a free game.

Course 3:
This is the back 28.  Like I said, you can take beer on the course, so there's usually a few restroom breaks, and a second beer run.  This course is fun, because there are alot of different types of holes.

Location: 6825 So. Virginia St, Reno, Nv   Phone: 775-853-8837

Wild Waters - Reno

Submitted by: Lance A. Harrison
Personal Web Site:

Price:            3.95
Challenge:        6
Variety:          8
Fun:              7
Overall Value:    6

Wild Waters is a water park that also features a timid raceway, kids attractions, and two mini-golf courses that basically mirror each other.

Location: Reno (Sparks), Nv

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