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The Cozumel Putting Course

Submitted by: S.L. Reissler
Course Web Site:

Price:            5.00
Challenge:        8
Variety:          10
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    9

This place is fantastic. I'd write personally about it, but here's a recent article written in The Miami Herald, which I believe is the United State's #3 newspaper, so it's quite legitimate :)

..From The Miami Herald:

"    Welcome to Cozumel, island of the swallows, paradise to tourists of all nationalities. Some of you have been here and have not only heard the virtues of this lovely Caribbean isle, but have probably told all your friends about it as well. Others have not been lucky enough to have
discovered this gem of a vacation spot. Beautiful waters, gentle breezes and people with hearts of gold.

Cozumel is an island of increasing popularity, much to the dismay of those who would prefer to keep it a treasured secret. Still, as the island grows, it is a controlled growth, with a keen eye kept on conservation of the land and surrounding reefs.  Pizza Hut and KFC popped up years ago, but McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's have not quite made it. The past couple of years have seen the addition of both Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe, a concession to the tourists' demand for the familiar in an exotic setting.

New this year is Cozumel Putting Course.  A beautiful 18 hole tropical course, set amidst waterfalls, fountains, streams and ponds, Cozumel Putting Course was designed to replicate the bends and breaks found on real golf courses. Reggae, blues and soft jazz emanate from hidden
speakers around the course. Adults and children, both tourists and locals, are enjoying this new addition to the island.

The owners, Scott Helikson and Sally Hurwitch, were adamant in preserving the natural beauty of the raw land they started with. Only one tree was cut down in the construction of the course, and only because city zoning required the addition of six parking spaces. The placement of the
holes skirted all the remaining trees, incorporating some of them in the center of the greens. Additional 30 foot palms were rescued from other construction sites and replanted on the course. Hundreds of additional tropical plants, many of them flowering, completed the landscaping.

Families of iguanas living on the property prior to construction adapted quickly to the nooks and crannies of the rocks that form the waterfalls and ponds. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they are being fed fresh fruits and vegetables regularly to keep them from nibbling on the newly planted flora. Although not brave enough to be fed by hand, they sunbathe regularly on the rocks and allow fairly close inspection and photo opportunities.

At night there's a family of white owls that live in the water tower, and astonish golfers as they circle the black skies from time to time, screeching their cries. An occasional feather lands on the course, and other reminders as well, that confirm the size and majesty of these

If you're not a big fan of mini golf, it's still worth stopping by to enjoy the setting, the music and the wildlife. For those of you who are up to the challenge of a well designed course, make a point of playing a round or two. It'\''s a great way to relax after a day of
After lunch mini golf allows you to justify the bananas flambe, since you'll be getting all that "exercise", anyway!

The course is within easy walking distance of the Central Plaza, on Calle 1 Sur and 15th Avenue. Line yourself up with the huge flagpole on the waterfront downtown and walk inland 3 blocks. Or, from the international pier, just grab a cab and say "El Golfito", the local name for the course. The cab drivers all know where to go. Prices are very reasonable at $5 USD for adults, $3 USD for children under 12. Soft drinks and beer are available on the course. Open until 11:00pm daily.

For photos of the course, see the Cozumel Putting Course website at:"

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