Date: July 26, 1982

Place: Motel 6, Janesville, WI
Mileage: 80720.3 - 506.9 miles

Breakfast: $11.37 - Denny's - Gerard, OH (G)
Lunch: $14.50 - Truck Stop (F)
Snack: $3.78, $1.50 Oasis H.J.
Dinner: $26.76 - Mr. Steak (V.G.)

$0.99 - Puzzle Book
$6.83 - Puzzle Book
$12.02 - Freon for car AC
$3.00 - Phone Calls
$2.78 - Ear phone jack
$54.26 - Light Jackets, Stationary
$16.77 - Light Jackets
$9.42 - Sun glasses

Total Spending: $248.30

Monday - July 26, 1982 - 6:50 am

6:50 am - Did I say 7:20 was an ungodly hour? We left the motel at 6:50, had breakfast at Denny's & we're on the road - time - 7:20. It's a little hazy today but the Sun hasn't been awake long enough to burn it off. The kids did very well in the motel last night. Matthew decided to sleep upside down & Milton kept getting Matt's feet in his face, but neither awoke with any bruises.

11:30 am - It was a very long haul this morning. Very little scenery. Stopped at a truck stop for lunch and gas. (We also filled up the car.)

12:15 pm - We're on the road again. Another 4-6 hours before we reach Jamesville, WI. We hit Central time. I am now one hour younger. (I think I will like going west better than coming back east!) Larry thinks the air conditioner compressor is having a problem so he turned it off. Sauna anyone?

3:45 pm C.D.T. - The ride is tedious, especially without air conditioning, but we should be at the motel soon. We just entered Wisconsin, looks just like Illinois.

4:05 pm C.D.T. - Arrived at the motel, no pool. Larry got the A.C. just needed freon. At least we can ride in comfort now. We changed over Salt Lake reservation to Provo. 40 miles less driving that day, when we visit Zion. Went to dinner at Mr. Steak. Good food. Did a little shopping. needed light jackets and Larry broke his sunglasses.

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