Date: July 25, 1982

Place: Motel 6, Girard, OH
Mileage: 80213.4 - 376.4 miles

Breakfast: Grandpa Lou's Home
Lunch: $15.44 - Dutch Pantry - PA (G)
Dinner: $18.00 - Duff's Smorkasboard (E)


Total Spending: $79.09

Sunday - July 25, 1982 - 7:20 am

7:20 am - Can't believe we got out of the house at this ungodly hour. But we're rolling along on Route 80 now. I may even become adept at writing in a moving car.

11:55 am - Stopped for lunch at the Dutch Pantry - Exit 19 off Rte. 80. No great shakes, food was adequate.

3:00 pm - Arrived at Motel 6 in Girard, Ohio. Room is small, but clean. Popped in for a swim. It felt great! The water was a little cloudy, but the pool was heated and very relaxing. Asked the manager to recommend a place for dinner. We went there - Duff's Smorkasboard. Food was delicious for only $4.50 per person.


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