Date: August 24, 1982

Place: Motel 6, 1600 Motor Inn Dr, Girard, OH 44420
Mileage: 86896.4 - 344.6 miles

Breakfast: $14.00 - Nickerson Farms
Snack: $2.16 cupcakes (Hostess Thrift Shop Indy)
Dinner: $18.00 - Duff's (Girard, OH)

7.00 - Gift - Felice
5.25 - Film

Total Spending: $93.11

Tuesday - August 24, 1982 -  10:00 am

10:00 am E.D.T. - Had a lousy night. The mattress committed assult and battery all over my body. Larry complained to the management this morning and guess what? They ordered new mattresses and box springs but they haven't arrived yet.

12:30 am E.D.T. - Stopped in Dayton, OH at the Air Force Museum. We just happenned to fall into this. What a place! They had almost every type of aircraft imaginable. Larry had a ball.

7:30 pm E.D.T. - Pulled into Gerard and went directly to Duff's for dinner. They close at 8pm so we just made it.

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