Date: August 21, 1982

Place: Motel 6, 4576 Woodson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63134
Mileage: 86285.6 - 304.7 miles

Breakfast: $11.75 - A&W Buffet (Topeka, KS)
Snack: $1.88 - Ice Cream (Stuckey's, Rte 5, Exit 84)
Dinner: $43.02 - 94th Squadron (St. Louis, MO) (G. - V.C.)

1.55 (I-70 KS)
2.00 - Truman Library, Ind, MO

Total Spending: $97.29

Saturday - August 21, 1982 -  10:00am

10:00 am C.D.T. - Left Topeka.

11:15 am C.D.T. - Stopped at the Truman Library in Indendence, MO. The library is a very personal view of Truman. It didn't delve to deeply into his political decisions. Harry S. Truman had a strong hand in the libraries development.

1:00 pm C.D.T. - We're rolling again.

2:00 pm C.D.T. - Stopped at Stuckey's for ice cream. Only made us hungrier. Decided to drive straight through to St. Louis.

5:00 pm C.D.T. - Arrived at motel. Larry didn't like the room because it faced the runway. So the moved us into a room whose rug had just been shampooed. This room was a disaster. The air conditioner control was broken so you either had it on or off. The sink faucet had no filter so when you turned on the water you also took a bath. Considering there was no tub in this bathroom, it was quite an accomplishment.

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