Date: August 19, 1982

Place: Same
Mileage: 85444.0 - 34.0 miles

Breakfast: Gene's
Lunch: Gene's
Dinner: Gene's

11.50 - Alpine Slide - Golden, Colorado
3.50 - Buffalo Bill Museum
19.92 - Film

Total Spending: $34.92

Thursday - August 19, 1982 -  no idea 

I'm not putting any times down because today is a totally relaxing day. We let Larry sleep the morning away. I did the laundry. Robert kept the boys occupied with pool and ping pong. Joan and I had a chance to get to know one another. She is still the delightful, warm, lovely person I remember from years before. Their house borders a buffalo preserve and we had lunch in the back yard and watched for buffalo. Joan suggested that Robert take the boys for a hike to look for them but it got a little cloudy. So when Larry got up, we took Robert and went into Evergreen to get film. We drove around a little and went to a small museum. The boys didn't want to wait for the tour so we drove to Lookout Mountain. Buffalo Bill's grave is here and they have a wonderful little museum. Larry took the looping road back down the mountain. We then went to Heritage Square. They have an Alpine slide and the boys wanted to take Robert on one. I went into the quaint little shops. Robert had to be hiome by 6 pm so we didn't stay long.


Joan made a delicious lasagna for dinner. She bakes all her own bread and cakes and it was a treat. Found out Gene is a "Hill Street Blues" fan. We took a walk after dinner. All in all this was one of our most relaxing delightful days and we needed it desparately.Gene's house is lovely. Rustic, contemporary. They did a lot of work on it. Joan has baskets all over. She does floral arranging. She also sews, knits, jogs, bikes, a very versitile lady. Robert is a quiet, nice polite boy. Jeff and Jenny were working and not home. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet them. But I am delighted we made this stop.

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