Date: August 18, 1982

Place: Gene and Joan, Golden, CO (Please understand, these are famly members and I do not want to put their detailed address out)
Mileage: 85410.0 - 122.7 miles

Breakfast: $4.88 - Pike's Peak
Lunch: $6.92 - Burger King
Dinner: Gene's

30.50 - Pikes Peak
3.30 - Gift - Eli
1.55 - Cookies
30.97 - Gifts, Gene, Barbara

Total Spending: $78.12

Wendesday - August 18, 1982 -  9:00 am

9:00 am M.D.T. - Went to Pike's Peak and got on standbyfor the 9:40 tour. Couldn't get on that one but was able to purchase tickets for 10:40 am. Milton decided to stay down. I had, had enough of going up mountains for a while. The ride up the mountain was slow and a little boring. There isn't much of a view because the track twists back and forth. Timber line is 11,475 ft and then we saw rocks. At the top it was very flat. The weather was clear so we had a good view. About halfway down the mountain, the clouds started rolling in.

Obviously, I wasn't up there so I didn't meet this fellow, but it's always facinating how you run into folks from home when you are travelling. This fellow was from the Boston

I forgot to mention that for the hour we had free before ascending we toured the Von Bgle Pottery Factory. It was a self-guided tour and not too long. We saw some pieces we liked and decided to return after the Peak. When we went back I bought a lovelyvase for joan and Gene and a cuke donkey for Barbara. Gene recommended that we stop at the Air Force Acadamy, so we did. It's a beautiful campus. We saw the three chapels which was quite impressive.

5:00 pm M.D.T. - Larry thought it was getting late so we left the Acadany.

6:15 pm M.D.T. - Arrived at Gene's house. Joan was amazed at our timing. Little does she know how punctual we really are. We were actually 15 minutes late. Unheard of!

7:00 pm - Gene got home. We had a delightful dinner and talked. Think we kept Gene up too late. He had to get up at 5:30 am.

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