Date: August 16, 1982

Place: Motel 6, 4103 No. Elizabeth, Pueblo, CO 81008
Mileage: 85214.7 - 354.8 miles

Breakfast: $16.97 - Pony Express (V.G.)
Snack: $4.32 - Ice Cream Baskin Robins Durango
Dinner: $25.00 - Alamosa Inn (G.)

$9.27 - Gifts - Gita and Judy
$0.10 - Parking - Durango

Total Spending: $96.90

Monday - August 16, 1982 -  8:30 am

8:30 am M.D.T. - Left early today so we will have time to see Mesa Verde. If I remember my high school Spanish it means 'Green Table'. This is where the early civilivations built cliff dwellings. I'm certainly glad Larry realized we would have missed this place if we didn't change our reservation. We were able to climb down to one dwelling which was quite a hike but well worth it. The ruins are in remarkable shape considering their age. Larry and thge kids climbed into one of the kivas, which is an underground ceremonial room.

After this stop, we stopped at a few other sites. One was the Sun Temple. I attempted to climb the 6 or 7 rung ladder, got to the top, saw the narrow walkways and decided to descend the ladder. The kids had fun running around the top. The big kid had fun too. After Mesa Verde we drove to Pueblo.

7:30 pm M.D.T. - Arrived in Pueblo.


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