Date: August 12, 1982

Place: Grand 8,  Williams, AZ 86046
Mileage: 84401.0 - 176 miles

Breakfast: $16.09 - Hobo Joe's (Needles) (V.G.)
Lunch: $7.84 - Tiffany Pizza (Williams, AZ) (V.G.)
Dinner: $48.00 - Rod's Steak House (Williams) (E)

$1.05 - Certs
$3.05 - Laundry
$0.41 - apple
$10.60 - Gift for Minna

Total Spending: $165.99

Thursday - August 12, 1982 - 9:15 am

9:15 am P.D.T. - As we were packing the car to leave, another driver told us the roads were closed. You see, last night, while we were all sleeping, it rained and rained and rained. Now, let me explain. We are in the middle of a desert. Right? Now what is the desert known for. Now, let me see...a desert is hot. Yes and dry. Right! What does it seldom do in the desert? Rain! Right? What did it do last night? It rained. It rained enough to wash out a bridge on I-40. So we did what any intelligent, sophisticated, well rounded travellers would do...we went to eat.

The waitress told us I-40 was open but 95S was closed so we were able to continue our trip. Went thru more desert, a few small mountains (elv. 5,000) and finally arrived in Williams. Now, crossing the Colorado River, we thought we were supposed to turn the clocks ahead but it seems they are still on the Mountain Standard time. That's nice...I won't age an hour for another day.


Back to our adventure. The motel we were going to stay in wanted $5 more. So we got our money back and checked in elsewhere. Found one with a large room and HBO. The kids want to watch dirty movies. Some things never change. Correction. Daddy wants to watch dirty movies. Some things never change.

3:00 pm - Took the kids for a Pizza snack then they walked back to the motel and we went to do laundry. Again? Yes, again. One thing you can say for us, we are the cleanest tourists this side of the Rockies. Which side of the Rockies? Heck, I don't know where we are. Oy vey...two more weeks of this.

5:30 pm - Matthew was sleeping when we returned. I folded the rest of the laundry and when Matt got up we walked across the street to Rod's Steak House. Had a nice dinner. I bought a lovely necklace. Went back to the room. Matthew will probably be up all night.

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