Date: August 9, 1982

Place: Ana-Lin Motel, 2123 W. Lincoln Av, Anaheim, CA 92801
Mileage: 83849.9 - 8.2 miles

Breakfast: $9.58 - Big Boy
Lunch: $13.35 - Disneyland
Snack: $7.80 - Disneyland
Dinner: $11.65 - Disneyland

31.60 - Disneyland
1.06 -  Postcards
9.54 - Gifts, Dad, Andrea, Lynn
1.00 - Arcade

Total Spending: $125.86

Monday - August 9, 1982 - 8:50 am

8:50 am P.D.T. - Tried to catch a quick breakfast at Big Boy but they are not noted for their speed. Anyway, we managed to arrive at Disneyland about 9:20. Parked pretty close to the main entrance, and we were off. 15 hours and 8 sore feet later, we had seen a good portion of the park. We had arranged to meet Ilene and crew in front of the Pirates ride at 11 am. But we were inside at that time and didn't get out until around 11:30. We did run into them around 7 pm. Only 7 1/2 hours late! It was a mistake trying to meet. They will come to the park many times and we only had one day to see it. By the way, seeing Disneyland, or trying to, in one day is definitely not a good move.

The day progresses in such a manner:

1st hr - Wow, look at that! Are we going on that? Wow!

2nd hr - Follow Dad. He has the map. He knows where he's going?

3rd hr - I'm hungry! Shhhhh...follow Dad.

4th hr - What a great ride. I'm hungry. We'll eat soon...follow Dad.

5th hr - Food! I need food! I refuse to move until I'm fed!

6th hr - All fed! Follow Dad.

7th hr - Didn't we just go around in a circle? Where's Dad?

8th hr - My feet hurt! I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! When does the sun go down?

9th - 11th hrs - Why are we following Dad? He's just a groggy as we are. I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! My feet hurt!

12th - 13th hrs - Let's go home. No, just one more ride. Follow Dad. I'm feet hurt!!!

14th hr - Well gang, it's been a long day. Let's head for the car. Where's Mom? Buying gifts and postcards. Shhh...follow Dad.

15th hr - Goodnight Mickey, Goodnight Minnie, Goodnight Goofy.....Goodnight Dad!


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