Date: August 2, 1982

Place: Motel 6, Provo, UT
Mileage: 82852.0 - 335.5 miles

Breakfast: $7.49 + Pastry - Canyon Kitchen (V.G.)
Lunch: $12.39 - Red Baron Rest. - Brigham City (G)
Dinner: $30.70 - Coachman - Provo (E)

$20.90 Car Repair (hose)

Total Spending: $116.57

Monday - August 2, 1982 - 7:00 am

7:00 am M.D.T. - Larry got up early to get the car into a repair place. The hose we had put on in Buffalo was having a hole rubbed in by the air conditioner pulley. It was either the wrong size hose or installed incorrectly. But its been fixed and we are on our way again. Driving south out of Jackson, we came to these quaint stores. One was a bakery cafe and we had breakfast. We also bought some pastry. We couldn't resist the smell. We travel on. We headed south and at Bear Lake in Utah at Garden City we missed a right turn and went about 20 miles round trip out of our way. The beagle strikes out.

I simply have to interject here, because there was a little more to the story than Mom wrote down. I've had it a little wrong for years. I thought we were on our way out of Utah, but in actuallity we were going into Utah. But what happened was this: None of us had ever been to Utah before. The pictures above show what we were seeing in that area. The top picture was what the roads were like all around there. The bottom was one of the water skiers Dad was admiring on Bear Lake. We came into town, drove through town, and came out of town. About 7 miles outside of town, Dad said, "This doesn't look right." and turned the car around as soon as he could. We go back into town, FOUND THE TURN WE MISSED, and proceded out of town on the correct road. We get out of town and it looks exactly the same as it did going into town. What did Dad notice that no one else did? Mile markers. We were right at the edge of the state and heading to Provo. The mile markers should have been going up and as we exited the town, they started going down. Who notices things like that?

We were going to stop at Logan, UT for lunch.

We said, "look down there Dad, there are lots of places to eat down that street."

Dad said, "we'll just go down this strip, I'm sure there are many places on the other side of town."

We said, "But Dad."

Dad said, "Trust me."

We said, "But Dad."

Dad said, "Oops...I think we're out of town."

Guess what folks! No more restaurants.  Now, anyone else would have turned around and gone back into town. Not Dad. We continued on. Now the problem was not so much that hunger had set in, but there are certain calls of nature that must be answered. Dad answered them at a rest stop but some of us didn't.

Wait, what is this?

Oh, that's what. (Dad went in the people rest room.)

We finally did reach a restaurant in Brigham City.

On the way to Provo, starting with Ogden, it was a long industrial span. We stopped in Salt Lake City and saw the Mormon temple. The tabernacle was very unusual. The accoustics were amazing. But the archetecture was the most unusual part. One of the largest domed roofs without center supports, it seats 6,500. All supports are wood held together with straps. We then continued to Provo.

This statue is a testament to a miracle from the early days in Salt Lake City. When the Mormons first settled there they were beseiged by locusts who started to eat all of their supplies. Being a religous people who had exhausted every means of trying to stop the menace, they prayed for salvation from the blight. After that, flocks of seagulls decended on the town, and devoured the locusts, thereby saving the people.

7:30 pm M.D.T. - Driving thru downtown Provo and every store is closed. It almost looked like downtown Brockton (on a good day). We ate at the Coachman and the food was delicious.


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