Date: August 1, 1982

Place: Motel 6, 1370 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001
Mileage: 82516.5 - 62.3 miles

Breakfast: $8.22 - Rancher (V.G.)
Lunch: $12.87 - Teton Village Store - Deli
Snack: $1.00 - Soda
Dinner: $27.39 - Silver Spur (Jackson) (V.G.)

46.80 - Float trip (3 People) (E)
17.50 - Arial Tram

Total Spending: $136.09

Sunday - August 1, 1982 - 10:00 am

10:00 am M.D.T. - We arrived ready for our raft ride. Milton stayed back at the motel. John Silverman was our guide and oarsman. There were 2 other families on our raft. The Rivera's, a family of seven from Corpus Criste, Texas and the four Shermans from Los Angeles. The ride was most enjoyable and we saw two bald eagles, a bull moose, Canadian geese and three cranes flying over head. But the funniest thing we saw was a duck scooting across the river from one bank to the other, oblivious of the current and anything around it.

Mom has requested that I point out, the above picture was one that she took. Usually, Dad, Matthew and I were the family photographers, but Mom also had a very good eye. (And she got revenge on Dad for all the times he made us wait for him to line up the perfect shot.)

After the raft ride we picked up Milton at the motel and went up to Teton Village where we had an outstanding lunch packed at the Village Deli. After lunch we went up Renedevous Mountain, Alt 10,000 feet. The tram ride was O.K. but I don't think I should have gotten off the tram. I have to concur with mom on this completely. Just look down at the photos and remember my previous statements about my fear of heights. It was very barren looking right at the top and made me extremely nervous. But I managed to get down the mountain without my knees getting too black and blue from knocked together.

We returned to the motel and went for a swim. Then went for dinner at the Silver Spur in Jackson and walked around downtown. The kids wanted to go on the Alpine slide but it closed at 8 P.M. and opened at 10 A.M. We arrived too late that night and didn't want to wait until 10 to leave Jackson.

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